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Super Sound Blue Bond (Aluminium)


Product: Super Sound Blue Bond (Aluminium)

Brand: Royal Kerckhaert

Packaging: Super_Sound_Blue_Bond_(Aluminium).png

Bonded horseshoes


  • The new, wider Kings Plate Super Sound ® race plates offer even more comfort and protection, allow natural, unimpeded hoof expansion and drastically reduce bruising and soreness, through multiple innovative and patented features.
  • The wider section offers more cover and support to the hoof while the rounded edges reduce the risk of injury or losing shoes.
  • The patented Sole Relief reduces pressure and concussion to the sole when the hoof is under extreme stress while galloping.
  • The unique scooped concave section designed by Kerckhaert gives the horse much better grip as the shoe cuts into the surface. The scoop is more defined at the toe while it becomes flatter as it comes round to the quarters.
  • The coarseness of the nail holes perfectly matches the natural thickness of the hoof wall.

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